// Using permaculture and compost to regenerate arid Jordanian land//

The Permaculture Research Institute began a project in 2008 to train locals to use compost, efficient shading from the sun, and ground cover that traps moisture in order to begin rebuilding an agricultural way of life in their impoverished village. So far, it’s working.

Video from AlJazeera here shows what the little gardens look like - small, carefully maintained, with a mixture of plant life. In the video, the project director talks about the moisture-absorbing qualities of compost, and mentions the natural pest-repelling composition of nutrient-rich soil. According to the project website, they have also incorporated solar hot water heating, compost toilets, and biological wastewater treatment among other features to improve the self-resilience of the community. Similar projects are being carried out across the globe.

An unrelated project by the same research institute shows a backyard pool turned wildlife-filled pond haven. They call it the urban pool-to-pond conversion.. pretty cool.